"Athletic Recruiting Coordinator" Software

Athletic Recruiters Service, a division of MVP Services has been a leader in the scouting and recruiting of high school athletes since 1998, and has evolved and established cutting edge online recruiting and marketing tools, and resources to magnify the means... whereby individuals, high schools, booster clubs, sports organizations, sport businesses and scouting and recruiting companies may allow athletes to build a sport e-profile, and be recognized, evaluated and recruited by college coaches. Using our high tech profile system... YOU can target college coaches by emailing your constructed e-profile and embedded videos. That is correct ... YOU will be able to embed your videos directly into your e-profile so the college coaches can view your profile and videos on their computers or mobile devices. And, College Coaches will be able to search and locate you by using the following critera...

An Athletic Scholarship... is the number one goal of every jr. high and high school age athlete competing in sports today!! Athletes must be exposed and/or reach out to the right college coaches… coaches whose programs and colleges are a good match for the athlete. Our software utilizing Cutting Edge Technology, eliminating all economical and geographical barriers that may exist for You. High tech tools and resources that will enable You to target as many colleges as you may wish! You, YOURSELF may employ these tools, with over 20,000 coaches online to target. Go enroll and start building YOUR sport profile TODAY!!!

Parents and Athletes... the chance to compete in collegiate athletics and receive a college athletic scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... You can not afford to procrastinate!!!  Competition is fierce and most, if not all college coaches would explain that the recruitment of athletes has become very technical and sophisticated!!  College-Bound Student-Athletes and their parents must become proactive and take additional steps to attracted the college coaches attention. React Now!!